Cake studio ( kitchen tour)

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This is my space where i make all the cakes :-)
I don’t have a cake room i just make them in my little kitchen 😊
I do have one closet for all my tools ribons etc
And in a closet onder the stairs i have a fridge for my cakes!
Nothing special but it works okee and it is light!

-- greetings Daantje

Oooh, pretty! I have a drawer full of coloured things too! But I think I need a divider like you have. I’m also so jealous at your completely empty fridge just for cakes… Maybe one day haha <3<3

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OH WOW so neat and organized!! Love your kitchen, Danielle!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

It’s a beautiful kitchen. Love how you have it so well organized. : )


Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my kitchen :-)
This is how i like it clean and organized but don’t come in when i am decorating a cake 😄 than it’s like a bomb explodes!!! Tools every where 😄

-- greetings Daantje

Ooh and Sawsen the devider i bought that one by Ikea!
And the fridge is coming from my dad hair salon because he is celebrating his retirement now :-)

-- greetings Daantje

Lovely kitchen and so organised and tidy!

-- Angela.

That’s nice and tidy!!

-- S. Faisal --

Great space! You are very organised!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Looks fabulous… AND so organised!!! Great space saving :)

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