Lisa Ryan




Cake decor invaluable

I joined back in 2013 but never really used, over the holidays i’ve found i cant leave it down. I’m amazed at all the fabulous cakes and peoples genurosity at sharing their methods and experiances. I’m totally self taught, i started out by chance and find cake decorating my excape from the real world. I just want to thank people for sharing without your help people like myself wouldnt get to do what we love


Calli Creations

I could not agree more Lisa…. Like you, I find this community here, helpful and so friendly and inspirational xx


I love it here too – such a friendly site where the hobbyists like me get to rub shoulders with cake artist royalty! I’ve found so many helpful tips and people are so ready to answer questions and offer advice – you can’t beat it!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Yes, it’s a great place. Lots of lovely sugar posts…lots of info, tips and friendly decorators….pro & hobby alike, willing to help..

Znique Creations

Can’t agree more! Just a fabulous community ;)


You are absolutely right Lisa — I have joined recently like two months back — and I was really amazed by the talent of the people on this forum — I am also self taught and still learning — people here are very motivating — I am also very happy that I joined this amazing and helping talented community!!


I absolutely love this site…. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! :)