The making of Alice in Wonderland... #2: Body...

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Thank you do much for this, it’s brilliant!!! X

-- Thesugarcloudcakery

Grazie Sara!!!!!♥♥♥
And thank you too,The sugar cloud cakery, glad you appreciate!!!

-- Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

If it was only this easy, I’m in love with all your figures, I can just dream of being that good one day!

-- Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Thank u little apple cake!!!! ♥♥♥ I have no doubt you got the skills to do even better!! :-))))

-- Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

Thanks Xclusive!!!

-- Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

I love this model! I’ve seen it so many times around facebook, so it’s great to find it on here too :)

-- Josie Durney, nineteen, New Zealand

Thank u Josie!!!!!!This is one of the one I’ m proud the most!!!

-- Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art

I love this! I tried it, it’s not quite as good, I didn’t know there was a tutorial for it, she’s adorable :)