Victorian Days Cupcake Tutorial

If you are familiar with my posts and videos you know I enjoy showing a week of cupcakes, next a week of cookies, and a week of cakes; I want to show that any of my designs will work for decorating all of these pastries. This week I have been showing different decorating mediums and construction of cupcakes. The Victorian Days cupcakes were inspired by a candle topper I have, looking at normal everyday objects can inspire…

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Bobbie Bakes


These are so lovely Bobbie! Thank you for taking the time to make and share this tutorial!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Toni, you always make me smile; thank you!

Bobbie Bakes

Thankyou for sharing! Beautiful cupcakes! I know what you mean about everyday objects inspiring you. I thought I was made, everything I look at I say to myself that would be good as a cake! Lol. I think I’m addicted!

Kath's Cakes

Thank you Kath. I know I am addict, but what an awesome addiction!

Bobbie Bakes