Amazing Robert Haynes two day Hibiscus and Jasmine floral craft course.

This weekend Alice my mini cooper car and I chugged (and at times nearly set sail), through the floods we are currently experiencing to travel across from Leicestershire to Gloucestershire.
The reason for this madness was so that I could attend a Robert Haynes flower workshop arranged at the beautiful Tewkesbury home of the lovely Lou Wood.

Robert Haynes of Sugar flower Studio is an International Sugar Craft Teacher, specialising in botanically correct flowers.
He’s in great demand and travels all over the world, teaching classes and workshops passing on his incredible skills.

What can I say about Robert?…….OMG!!, amazing!, super uber talented!, theatrical, hilarious!, nurturing, charming, warm and very cute and cuddly. He’s truly a gift, his infectious personality is larger than life, and he radiates enough warmth and enthusiasm to light up the Blackpool Illuminations!!

From the minute I arrived I was made welcome by Lou into her lovely home, and greeted by Robert with a great big hug. (He said there would be lots of hugs…….and there definitely were!).

Now then…, I’m not the most naturally tactile person, so I have to say I was a bit dubious at the thought of all that touchy feely stuff at first, but I soon realised that even though he wouldn’t be out of place in the West End, a hug from Robert seems flouncy, but its a genuine hug from the heart, not an empty show off “lovey lovey” kind of hug.

A hug with Robert is all part of his unique way of teaching, he’s radiating his heartfelt support to you, and as your confidence builds he’s genuinely as moved as a proud “parent” as he watches you “blossom” in your newfound skills.
Of course, we were all spell bound watching his awesomely talented demonstrations, but when it was our turn, we all felt capable of having a go.
Using his mind blowing talent, patience, wit and hilarious stories, he nurtures and guides you through each process step by bite sized step, so that even if you’ve never made a flower in your life, suddenly two days have passed by, (even the extra hours we didn’t plan for!), and yes by gosh your tired, your brains fried, your eyes are red with concentration and crying with laughter and pride at what you have achieved.
But OMG!!! look what you did!!!
And there in your hands your holding the most beautiful creation that you never thought you would be able to make in a million years.
But do you know what?…… did!! and he’s just as proud of you, as you are of yourself.
If your able to get to one of his courses then please do, you will be so glad you did xx
And this is my little miracle below!!
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Not bad for a beginner………can’t wait to do another xx



The best time Michal, and I know Robert is hoping to visit lots of new countries this year. He’s got loads booked, but I’m sure he’s going to be in great demand xx


Karen, you did a great job, the flower is beautiful!!


Marlene - CakeHeaven

Karen!! – You did such an amazing job!! Xx

Laura Loukaides -

Karen, I loved hearing all about your class with Robert Haynes! You are so lucky! I would love to do something like that! Your flower turned out so stunning!!!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Love to hear all about your class Karen!!! You did an amazing job!!! xxx

CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Thank you Marlene, Laura, Toni and Ana. If you can get a group up and contact him I know he will do his best to come and teach if your interested. Maybe some of our members here on cakesdecor could group together and book him? I’m so buzzing with ideas now on flowers I want to try and replicate xx


I can see why you are so excited. The flowers are gorgeous and it sounds like you have a wonderful time.

Thanks Elli and Goreti, I really did have the best time.
I’m sure he would consider coming to the Isle of Man!! He just needs asking xx