I have started decorating cakes relatively recently. It was an "escape" into creative world I have left by the side many years ago when my carreer path turned form artistic to "practical" one, and with taking over the responsible position my free time gradually almost completely dissappeared. With it also creative work. After 15 years I decided to change things. I took less demanding position with the possibility to work from home and gained my free time back.
In cake making/decorating, I have found a new medium that suits me perfectly because of it's transcience and the sweet joy of it's destruction.
I have most fun when my friends whom I invite to cake scream: "Don't cut it! It's a pitty! I can't watch that!" But enjoy cake in the end and we have a great time.
I am grateful I discovered this site and I enjoy in every story I read. Not to mention wonderful and inspiring cakes popping out all the time and putting new challenges in front of me.
Thank you all.

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Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for the follow, Elza! Your are an incredible artist and I am a new follower.

Elza ...

Thanks a lot!

Sandra Smiley ...

I love your work, Elza, and this is a great site. I know we will have fun!

Clara ...

Hi, Elza. Nice to meet you in CakesDecor family and thank you for the follow 🤗
I’m following you back!