I have started decorating cakes several years ago. It was an "escape" into creative world l missed since, although having artistic background, my career took "more practical" path.
In cake making/decorating, I have found a new medium that suits me perfectly because of it's transcience and the sweet joy of it's destruction.
So it gradually grew till the point I am now considering it a way back to the creative profession.

CakesDecor is one of the first "cake places" I went to and it opened so many doors...I am very grateful for that.
Thank you all.


Thank you for the follow, Elza! Your are an incredible artist and I am a new follower.

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I love your work, Elza, and this is a great site. I know we will have fun!

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Hi, Elza. Nice to meet you in CakesDecor family and thank you for the follow 🤗
I’m following you back!