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Hello everyone! I must admit I started posting here some time ago and now I notice that I haven´t introduced myself appropriately. My name is Silvia Caballero from Argentina, pastry chef since about 10 years. In the last years I discovered that my real passion is Cake Decoration!!! All my time is devoted to learning and keeping up with new techniques and cake designing trends to give my clients each time a better product. In fact I´m almost a self taught cake designer, I have recently taken some classes on my trips abroad. I´m glad to be part of these sweet community and I´m thankful to all of you who take time and have a look at my work.
I hope you enjoy it!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

Your cakes are ADORABLE!! following you now and I simply can’t wait to see what you make next! xx

-- Kristy, Texas -

Thanks a lot!!!! I´m flattered and happy that you like my work! you can also follow my work on facebook Dulce Gourmet
Happy baking!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

New follower here Silvia xx

-- Siobhan Buckley

Thanks for following!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

Your cake so adorable and very beautiful!!!
You have a new follower :)

-- Anka -

Thanks you Tortolandia for following!!!!!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

New follow from me.Love your baptism cake.Also I’ve answered your query about cake decorating classes in London.x

Your work is so so beautiful!!!

-- Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Thanks Karen´s Cakes and Sweet dreams for following!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

Gorgeous work!
I love your creations. New follow from me 😊

-- Clara

Thanks Clara!!!!

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

Gorgeous cakes Silvia!!

-- il mondo di ielle

grazie mille !!❤😍

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

thanks a lot to all my new followers!
I’m happy sharing my work with people that really care!😚

-- Silvia Caballero Cakes & Design

Haces maravillas!