Cuckoo's Nest


Cuckoo's Nest

Feb 2015 24 Abudhabi

What all can a recession do to you??? Can it ever make you fall in love with baking??? I will tell you yes...It can and it made me fall in love with baking.

Right after my masters degree, like any other student I was super excited to get a campus placement. A dream job with a good salary.. Things were going fine for 5 months.. After that my company decided to throw me out as they couldn't afford me.. I will never blame them, I will blame the "Recession"

No, wait...will I "BLAME" or "THANK" recession?? I will "THANK" it..Losing that job made me sit at home "Jobless" and "Sad".. What will I do when I am sad?..I will eat..I couldn't find anything pleasing to ease my sadness, that's when I decided to BAKE!! Cakes after cakes after cakes.. I couldn't finish eating everything I baked so I started sharing.. Getting good reviews gave me the confidence to keep on BAKING!!

It was my uncle (Ebu Thomas) who encouraged me and took my baking to the next level..He asked me to bake few cakes for him that Christmas and he sold all the cakes for me :)..Yay..

From then on baking became my passion..I am not a professional..Whatever I know I learned myself.. I am still learning, but while I am learning I am sharing my humble work with you..

Hope you will enjoy..

-- Cuckoo's Nest