Loren Ebert

OMGoodness….it’s fabulous!!! Did you thin the white scallops on the petticoat with a ball tool (like you would when making a rose petal)? Wish I would have thought of that! And your little bows are too cute! Wish I thought of that too! Next time I’m not going to be lazy and I’ll make my hat smaller like you and Lesley did…it looks much better! Great job DBB!! :o)

Michal Bulla

Very nice ;)

Dulcie Blue Bakery ~ Chris

Thanks Loren – Yes I did thin the edges of the petticoat to give it a bit more movement & a little on the pink layer too! I liked the larger dome on yours!
Thanks Michal – 2 Minnie Mouses in 2 days – hope you don’t mind the repetition!?

Lesley Wright

Oh, this is gorgeous! I wouldn’t have known you’d done it if I hadn’t seen your comment on my interview. Thanks so much for the mention, you did a brilliant job! And I agree with Loren – the little bows are sweeeeeet!