Romantic ruffles - Cake by TheSugarCanvas
Tribute to Sabyasachi Mukherjee - Cake by TheSugarCanvas
Caker buddies children storybook collaboration - The Snowwhite and seven dwarfs  - Cake by TheSugarCanvas
Indian cuisine collaboration-pav bhaji - Cake by pooja1612
PDCA Caker Buddies Dessert Table Collaboration  : PINK & GOLD P🗼RIS - Cake by RupalsCakes (MACARONS MERINGUES &MORE )
The Outer Space - Dessert Table - Cake by Nehabalwani
Caker Buddies Collab-Glamour - Disney meets couture  - Cake by SugarLove at Bubzy's Bakehouse
Caker Buddies Collaboration: Sitcom Theme: I Dream Of Jeannie - Cake by Archita Saxena
 Beauty of Nature - Cake by cakevake07
Fantasy Undersea Spa :  Cakerbuddies Miniature  Doll House Collaboration - Cake by PralineDesignercakes
Indian Cuisines Collaboration - Goa Fenni - Cake by Shikha
Caker Buddies Metallic Theme Collaboration- Bedazzled - Cake by The Minstreat
Silver sunshine - Cake by pooja1612
Sweet indulgence - Cake by Sakshi gupta
PDCA Caker Buddies Collaboration - Mermaid Theme Dessert Table  - Cake by sheingscakemeaway
 Caker buddies collaboration cakesBliss by the ocean - Cake by Manncakes13
Caker buddies pottery theme collaboration -Morning glory  - Cake by Archana
Tutti Frutti - Cake by Bake N Frost
Cakerbuddies Valentine Collab- Shades of Love  - Cake by cakevake07
Caker buddies collaboration: Sitcom theme: Hell's Kitchen - Cake by anushree
Caker buddies children storybook collaboration-The Lorex - Cake by pooja1612
Cakerbuddies collaboration - Landscapes n scenery - Cake by yummiezcakespoint
The Purple Bag - a PDCA Caker Buddies Collab - Cake by Prajakta Agnihotri
PDCA caker buddies Dessert table collaboration - Cake by Lachocolaterie