Lily Cakes

Coffee and diamonds  - Cake by Rhona
My water lily for the Magnificent Bangladesh - An International Cake Art Collaboration - Cake by Benny's cakes
Composition - Cake by Ruth - Gatoandcake
Sugar Lobster lily - Cake by Ashisumbul
Stargazer lily - Cake by Ruth - Gatoandcake
Lily flowers  - Cake by Shaki Faisal
Birthday cake - Cake by babkaKatka
Baroque bouquet  - Cake by Szandra
Lily flower  - Cake by Sweet Creations
Lily. Sugar flower  - Cake by Maja Motti
Spring flowers - Cake by Ozi
Stylised Lily Cake - Cake by Sweet Creations
Dalì in Sugar Collaboration - Cake by D'Adamo Cinzia
Secret Garden  - Cake by Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen
Flamingo cake - Cake by Savitha Alexander
gumpaste flowers - Cake by michal katz