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WASC filled with fresh strawberry SMBC (lush!) and iced with a 70/30 mix of SMBC and ABC. Next time I’ll try the ruffles in just SMBC, but I was skeered. ;) I used the technique from The Sweet & Saucy Shop video tutorial, found here:


ruffle cake


Lesley Wright

Don’t be skeered! You can do it! These are the most perfect ruffles I’ve ever seen.

Peggy Does Cake

Haha you are so biased! :P

Sugar Tales

No, seriously Peggy, your ruffles are incredible and well…. perfect!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I love this technique Peggy, but I’m skeered to try it! You make it look so perfect! I think mine would turn out a mess.

Peggy Does Cake

Watch the video! It’s the easiest, fastest thing EVER!


I can’t imagine you being scared!!! ha ha!!! You rock!! These are beautiful…..well done!



Perfect ruffles! I have a question-I did a ruffle cake a while back and while i was transporting it to my sister’s party, all the ruffles shifted downward. I drove slowly, as I always do and my car was cool….Just wondering if you have any tips. I love the technique and want to do it again, but am scared to because of the event I had with the other one :D

Peggy Does Cake

Sweetpeacakemom: Did you use ABC (crusting butter cream) or some other kind that doesn’t crust (like SMBC or IMBC or a mixture)? The thing is, crusting butter cream ruffles (same with the “I am baker” swirly roses like this: MUST be applied to a fresh, wet crumb coat so they have something to adhere to. It isn’t so much an issue with non crusting icings, because they remain wet and tacky – so you’re piping your ruffles (or roses) onto something akin to glue. But if it’s crusting butter cream and the crumb coat has crusted and dried, you’re piping your ruffles (or roses) onto a background they can’t properly attach themselves to – and they WILL fall off. Ask me how I learned this and I’ll tell you: the hard way! ;) Hope this helps!

Tea Party Cakes

Very nicely done Peggy! Everyone is right, your ruffles are fab! Nice straight rows.

CourtHouse Cake Company

I love anything Ruffled!!!! Fabulous Peggy!! X

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