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St. Patrick’s day inspired cake. My favorite part of creating themed cakes is just tiptoeing around the concept rather than being too literal. So with this one I used a traditional quatrefoil pattern that reminded me of four leaf clovers and stuck with a simple green, white & gold color palette. The bold modern geometrics were softened by the the rice paper pinwheels and gumpaste gardenias.

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Just amazing! You have your own style for sure. I knew this was one of your cakes from thumbnail. Keep them coming!

This is just simply stunning!!….How is that pattern achieved on the cake…Is it rice paper like the pinwheels???

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

Thanks everyone!

@Littleacrecakemaker- yes, the print on the cake is also rice paper :)

See more of my work on FB, thanks!

Would love to see a tutorial on applying rice paper so perfectly =). Your work is always breath-taking!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets //

Nice do you mind sharing pan sizes and how many layers in each?

Could you please indicate where can I find rice paper printed sheets like the one’s on this beautiful cake?