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Stirling, Black and White Engagement Cake

I began making fondant covered cakes about 2 1/2 years ago, because of my niece Lucie. I nearly had a nervous breakdown making her 21st cake. I didn’t know the oven very well, so my cakes resembled volcano’s, coming to a peak and like lava on the inside. I probably baked about 10 cakes just to get a few to come out okay for human comsumption. LOL The buttercream was grainy and way too sweet. It was a real embarrassment, but Lucie loved it. I bought an oven thermometer and found out that it was like 100 degrees out. So know wonder I was creating Mount Vesuvius.
Anyway, 4 years on I have now had the honour of making her Engagement Cake. And just let me tell you. “I think that girl is cursed.” OMG…The bottom tier of this cakes ganache came away from the sides of the cake taking down the fondant with it!! I’m telling you, I am not looking forward to making the wedding cake. LOL

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

Wow! An editor’s choice candidate for today.

-- -- Michal, | My Facebook:

Thank you Michal, I must have been spurred on by my new uniform for cake making. My CakesDecor T-shirt.

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

Thanks “CakesbyTali’ and TheBakingSheet” I am loving it too!

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,



It looks beautiful. Can’t tell you had troubles at all! You overcame the challenges and that’s what matters! Good job.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

-- Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,