Curious Baby

Hello Everyone – It’s been awhile since I last posted a cake here..Glad to share another one. Here’s a Curious Baby Shower cake

A little boo-boo I made on this cake..I can’t believe it…I forgot the second “U” in Curious. I just noticed my mistake while I was editing the photos and no way to correct it as the customer got the cake hours ago. arrgggh!

So I copied and paste the first “U” so the photo looks “ok”.

I got the most wonderful feedback after from my friend:

“Kendra cried when she saw the cake, and was so touched that you spent so much time and effort creating it for her. It really was a masterpiece, Luisa! The detail was stunning…I especially loved the bananas and the realistic touches you made to them! And let me tell you, it tasted incredible. Everyone raved about the taste just as much too. I loved the texture and the density of the cake, and that buttercream frosting was so perfect with it!”

This is what this “passion” is all about! Thank you all for looking!

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Bobie - OUT-OF-THE-BOX Cake Design


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Dakota's Custom Confections ...

It’s adorable! The details are perfection as always!

Bobie MT ...

Thank you so much Dakota for your support! <3

Cakemummy ...

Fabulous creation, and what an awesome feedback you received! :-)

Beata Khoo ...

Perfection ;)

Goreti ...

so cute

Zoe White ...


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Curious Baby