Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn Mowing the lawn Mowing the lawn Mowing the lawn

Made this cake this week for a lovely old man who is the father of an old boyfriend of mine!!
This is the largest single layer cake I’ve made so far at 15" square. It wouldn’t fit in the oven as a single cake, so with the help of you lovely ladies on the forum section I decided to make four 8" cakes as suggested, then trim and join them together.
It worked fantastically well thank you xx Flavour is lemon which is my most popular flavour this year. The brief was to make a cake with an old man mowing the lawn…….because that’s what he does most these days. At 82yrs old he’s doing well to be so sprightly. Also he used to work at a garage, so I was asked if I could include some old vintage style shell petrol pumps. With those two things requested I thought a village scene was the way to go……and the rest sprang from my imagination. I had to add the Morris Minor Traveller car because it’s my favourite iconic 1950’s car and I’d love to own one some day. Happy 82nd Birthday Alf and many more xxx



Wow, Wow, WOW Karen, this is AMAZING! It must have taken you forever to bake and decorate! I adore all of the wonderful details you put on it! LOVE it!!!!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thanks Toni, it took forever to bake and cover but do you know I had the best time. And when Jeff came to collect it tonight and saw the amount of detail it was worth it to see the look on his face x


That’s such a fun cake! – so much detail and I love the humourous face of the old man. :)

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Good job, fantastic details!
Karen, am so happy that the advice worked well in your favour and you were finally able to pull it off succesfully too. Well done!! Now, you should be able to do a 24″ × 24″ square cake; without any hassels – Lol !!!

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Thank you everyone for your lovely kind words. You really are all fantastic xx


Wow!!! Karen what an amazing cake!!! LOVE IT!!! Love all those little details!!! GORGEOUS!!! xxx

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Great cake decoration job friend,

It seems really cool.