Scooby Doo Cake

Scooby Doo Cake

Similar to a cake Ive made before, but this time a scooby figure :)
Colours/design based on the mystery machine x


Very nice colors and cute topper … good job!

-- Michal, | My Facebook:

hello ! first off im totaly amazed by your work its fantastic, i follow your page on facebook also and find myself looking at your cakes in awe a lot! i just wondered how do you get your edges so crisp on your cakes, do you use buttercream or ganache to crumbcoat underneath? xx

Natalie, Little Pudding Bakery

aww thank-you Natalie. thats so lovely :)

ha ha I never thought my edges were crisp!? LOL

Im probably one of the laziest bakers ever….its just buttercream :)
Ive never attempted to use ganache yet, but would love to try! Its just normal buttercream (i dont even crumbcoat! blush) I just put the buttercream on the sides, then the the top second. then i go back round the sides scraping some off, and the scrape the top edges inwards (if that makes sense?) then smooth it out flat.
I let it firm a little in the fridge before covering with fondant :) x hope that helps!