Kitchen Cake

Made for a lady who is turning 40 today and LOVES pottering around in the kitchen, her wife said she fancies herself to be a bit of a pro like Nigella Lawson :-) and insists on wearing chefs whites in the kitchen

-- You dream it ... I make it!

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Amazing!!! The details are so awesome! Sorry im lost for words. Lol! You are so talented and very creative.xx

Loren Ebert

WOW!!!! Well done Shereen!! I want this cake for my next birthday!!! (I pretend to be Giada!) ;o)


This is awesome!! So well done!! I LOVE IT!!


Love the detail..this must’ve taken a while!! lol…I did a picnic theme not too long ago and those lil details take quite a while…nice job!


So many details- I want to sit cross-legged on the floor with this cake and play with it!! what a fun design!


Thank you all and Corrie that is the BEST comment I have ever received LOL :-) I can just imagine that :-) So glad it’s so popular, I am waiting in anticipation for the birthday girl to see it at her party tonight so I can share it on my FB group!


Amazing! LOVE this and all the great details. You’re chicken looks real, I can almost smell it!


This is so fun and unique. Amazing details.

Daisychain's Cakes

It’s a really happy cake!! It put a big smile on my face :) So talented xx


oh girl…this is soooo coooool! Well done!


Tiffany Palmer

Such a fun cake! Well done!

Papp Kata Nóra

I love it!!!!!!!:)))))))))) Well done:))

Angel Rushing

Sooo cute.

Anna Drew (Anna's Cakes)

your cakes are amazing xx

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Kitchen Cake