Beach christening cake

Beach christening cake
Beach christening cake
Beach christening cake

The customer had a clear idea of what they wanted for this cake but the design is my own. They live near the beach and therefore wanted to include the sea and the brightly coloured beach huts. They also wanted a rainbow on the cake because their son is a ‘rainbow baby’ i.e. a baby that is born following a miscarriage so it was really important to include that element on the cake. | North East England


So pristine and perfect! Love the ruffled waves!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Love it and might one day ask you if I could copy some of your designs (if you don’t mind)!

Dina @ miettes,

Beautiful!! So perfectly executed!!!

Course I don’t mind Dina and thanks everyone for your comments :) x | North East England


Tampa, Florida


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