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Beach and coral reef wedding cake

Wedding cake without figurines, which they already had. Completely edible. Decorations made with brow sugar for the sand, sugar paste and isomalt for the corals! First time using isomalt and loved the result!!!

The cake itself was red velvet with white chocolate with orange mousse!

I loved the result and fortunately so did the bride and groom! I was a bit scared of their reaction since this was a wedding gift from a friend and they knew nothing about it, and it was a risk since it’s everything but traditional!!!…
I was very happy with their reaction!

Hope you like it too!!!



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Unusual cakes for you

It’s gorgeous


It is beautiful.

Mnhammy by Sofia Salvador

Thank you so much for your comments Unusual Cakes for you and Goreti!!! :-)


Oh my god, that is awesome! I love the colours and the corals!!!

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Beach and coral reef wedding cake