Acoustic Guitar Music Cake

This cake was based on the guitar my niece got for her birthday last year. She is very sporty and hates anything girly so I kept the design really clean and simple – i think it looks a bit like a cheer leader’s outfit. Apologies to all the eagle eyed musicians out there who might notice the guitar only has 4 strings, couldn’t make them thin enough to fit all 6 on.

-- Pam,

birthday music musical notes trebble cleff teal guitar acoustic guitar



very nice


very pretty!

Laura Loukaides

Nice job, great colour!! Xx

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

Lovely and I am sure no one noticed the strings. Someone once told me not to point out the faults as most others don’t notice them until you say something :) . We are always our own worst critics.

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Acoustic Guitar Music Cake