Possum (jules)




Rasta Mouse

I did this cake for a fella who was turning 21 and loved RM I had looked at lots of pics of him but thought it would be a twist to have him on a GIANT Skateboard cake! I have another RM coming up soon But somewhere you wouldn’t expect him ;) lol <3 jules

-- Jules @Edna & Ethel's Cake House/Marzipan Moon and Sugar Dust Stars

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Little Cherry



I am loving the beejeebus out of this Rasta Mouse!

The Cake Tin

Haha this guy is awesome Jules x


RM you have my heart!! Jules he is awesome

Cuteology Cakes

Absolutely love him, Jules! RM is one cool guy!

Calli Creations

LOVE your rastus!!! love you possum!!!! what a gorgeous little guy!!! :) xxx


love it

Possum (jules)

Thanks Guys :) he was a cutie to do <3 jules


Totally Gorgeous love him

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh Jules!! He’s fabulous! And you know Jasmine thinks he’s spot on. She squealed “I wuv you Wasta Mouse!!” when she first saw him :) xxx

Unusual cakes for you

Omg it’s brilliant. Looks AMAZING

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

What a cute little guy!!! Amazing job Jules!!! xxx

Clairella Cakes

“Gonna make a bad ting good!” … Yes I am a Rasta Mouse Fan too!! Love him – great job! x

Sarah Russell

He is the coolest Mouse EVA!!! ;-) xx

Take The Cake

wow what an amazing cake :) your sculpting is sooooo wonderful :)

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Rasta Mouse