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Sweet 16 Zombie Apocalypse Cake

Sweet 16 cake I created for Amanda. Theme is Zombie Apocalypse…All 3 tiers are white cake filled with raspberry filling and vanilla bc….decor is all fondant and vanilla bc. The brains and “blood” are Brain: chocolate cake covered in fondant and a homemade raspberry syrup….Blood is that raspberry homemade syrup.=)

-- Shey

birthday white red black cake



Fun! Who doesn’t love zombies :P

Michal Bulla

Scary but beautiful :)

Shey Jimenez

Thank You ! This was a super fun and different cake to put together! ;)

Becky Pendergraft

As a huge zombie fan – this is so hideously wonderful! :)


I can’t look away…it is scary but so realistic it is COOL!! Well done!!!!!

Sugar Inspired

You guys know I LOVE this right ;) Great cake !! :)

Shey Jimenez

Thanks Guys! Thank You sooooo much!


thank you for the amazing cake Sheila!!!!!!

Shey Jimenez

Your Welcome! Thank You for the awesome THEME!

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Sweet 16 Zombie Apocalypse Cake