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Sugar Diary by Sugar Shey #6: We can Bake It!

Dear Sugar Diary, Yes…we CAN! We CAN BAKE it! Cakes….cupcakes….pies….anything! I have often looked at a recipe and instantly categorized it as “too hard” or “too many steps”…..and then file it away for another day….then almost always kick...

Sugar Diary by Sugar Shey #5: Anti Melt Down Recipe;)

Me…aka..Sugar Shey Dear Sugar Diary, Hi again! I have decided to share my most favorite cupcake ever…..EVER. Also..whenever that picture is at the top..from now on…it will be to let you know a recipe will be shared..ok? Ok. So I am...

Sugar Diary by Sugar Shey #4: 10 Caking Things I have Learned (the hard way) !

Dear Sugar Diary, There are things you don’t know when you get into caking. Things no one can prepare you for. So I have put together a list of the top 10 things I have learned the HARD way since I began caking…… 1) Everyone is NOT going to...