1956 Chevy Pick Up

1956 Chevy Pick Up
1956 Chevy Pick Up 1956 Chevy Pick Up 1956 Chevy Pick Up 1956 Chevy Pick Up

Heya all, I made this cake a few months ago now for a special 50th birthday and its the birthday boys pride and joy his car is amazing in real life and I was sooo excited to make this its my first to scale sculpted car and I loved making it, can’t wait to do another, the road was a chocolate mud kahlua cake with kahlua frosting and the truck was a chocolate mud cake its in his freezer he wants to share it with his grandsons first birthday how sweet is that :) thank you :)

Melanie :) New Zealand, http://www.facebook.com/TakeZCake?ref=hl


Wow, that is so realistic looking. You did an amazing job! I can see why the birthday boy wouldn’t want to cut it!

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Oh I love this Well done Fab <3 jules

Jules @Edna & Ethel's Cake House/Marzipan Moon and Sugar Dust Stars

Awww thank you Toni and Jules :) you guys are soo nice <3

Melanie :) New Zealand, http://www.facebook.com/TakeZCake?ref=hl

Amazing job..

Cake Rocks!😆

awesome , love it

art deco cakes by gali

Thank you so much Kalida, artdecocakesbygali and Goreti :) xxx

Melanie :) New Zealand, http://www.facebook.com/TakeZCake?ref=hl