Nursing Graduate

Nursing Graduate


Wow this is so well done I had to look at everything twice!!!

Tampa, Florida

Love your attention to detail – great design x

ClairellaCakes Essex UK

very nice job , cool cake

art deco cakes by gali

Great cake! I love all the details you made. May I ask the tier sizes.

Oh, it's so cool to graduate from medical school, I remember my emotions when I finally finished those years of study. Looking back, my studies were so-so, but at least I wasn't bored. When I think back, so many fragments come to mind, but the most vivid one is the one where we used a service for nurses to help us with our written and homework assignments. Those were the days, no more worries, just studying and getting a scholarship, how much we appreciated it. If I were asked if I wanted to return to my student days, I would say yes without hesitation.