Hand Painted!

Hand Painted!
Hand Painted!

Gel colors and lemon extract … I hope you like it! =)

Cynthia Jones ... Http://www.facebook.com/Cynthias.Custom.Cakes


Did you paint on buttercream or fondant? Looks fantastic!

Elena Z, EZSweetShop, www.facebook.com/ezsweetshop, www.ezsweetshop.com

So vibrant and unique- Love this look!

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I love it…that’s awesome!

Creative Cakes by Sonya at http://www.facebook.com/LTHBakery

WHOA!!!! Stop my beating heart…I am in Cake Love right now!!!! 8 D

Ann-Maries Cakes http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Maries-Cakes/262945553740371

I can’t believe this is hand painted! You are amazing!!!

Komel - KC Cakes www.facebook.com/kccakes

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful!!!

Nicole - SugarMommas Custom Cakes

Love it!!!!

-Susie facebook.com/sweetpeacakesEP flickr.com/photos/sweetpea0613