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Black and Ivory Wedding

A cake designed by the bride and groom to match the bride’s dress and her bouquet, the reception theme and the invitation. Diamond quilting on the top and bottom tier with airbrushed pearl finish and silver dragees. The middle tier is stencilled, and over piped with royal icing pearls. The topper is made from fresh roses, and the smaller flowers are gumpaste hydrangea. My first wedding cake!

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

There’s that gorgeous cake! Love!! :)

-- Becky, North Carolina, http://www.cakesbybecky.blogspot.com

First wedding cake! you did an excellent job I love how it all came together

-- www.facebook.com/baked413

Do you have any tips on how to achieve the burgundy color on your hydrangeas, thanks

-- www.facebook.com/baked413

Why so formal, BAKED? :-)

Seriously, by the time that gumpaste was coloured, I couldn’t have told you what colours went into it. It was the hardest colour to achieve EVER! I started with Wilton burgundy, which is horrible, and added more red, which made it a rusty brown. I ended up adding lots of Wilton Rose, Violet, some black, just everything and it still wasn’t right. It was more like egg plant, so I ended up brushing it raspberry and cranberry lustre dusts mixed with red and mixed with black for the outside.

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

Wow, it’s so beautiful!! I love the stenciling!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Lesley- That made me laugh but thanks for the info I will keep that in mind when someone ask for that color.

-- www.facebook.com/baked413

What you should bear in mind is to say, ‘No. I’m sorry. Fondant does not come in that colour. Please choose something else.’

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

It’s GORGEOUS Lesley!! Really beautiful!

I had the same experience this weekend, trying to achieve a cranberry/hot pink-ish color. Everything was coming out to purple-y. I dumped every color into that bowl of icing before I finally gave up!

Wilton Burgandy, Americolor Burgandy, Americolor Maroon and Americolor Fuscia should be renamed. They’re not even close!

-- Loren, http://www.thebakingsheet.blogspot.com, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Baking-Sheet/210664827961

Awesome – great job!

-- ...aldoska... http://www.aldoska.estranky.cz