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Beer Bottle Cake

The beer bottle is made out of Isomalt — my first time to work with it. It wasn’t as daunting as I imagined it would be. I had some breakage but fortunately, was able to salvage it ;) The personalized beer label is printed in edible paper, and Flannigan is the last name of the celebrant :)

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birthday beer bottle isomalt


Emily Herrington



Wow is right! great job!

Fifi's Cakes


Bliss Pastry

Holy Wowza!!! Excellent!!

G Sweets

Oh yay! Thanks Mimi, Goreti, Fifi and Kristen! :)

Calli Creations

OH Sarah…. I love this so much!!! your so talented… I do not know isomalt but have heard of it… so effective!!

Elli Warren

Brilliant! :-)

G Sweets

Calli — i just used the CakePlay isomalt sticks. They were precolored and I just melted in the microwave and poured in the mold :) there is the other kind, the crystals where I think you have to kind of cook it in the stovetop until it melts and boils to a certain temp. You should try it :) thanks for your wonderful comment!

G Sweets

Thanks Elli!


Total Perfection

Calli Creations

THanks Sarah!!! the barrel is so realistic!!! just come back for another peek!!! :)

Jason Robinson


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Beer Bottle Cake