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Hand painted safari cake

This design was chosen by my daughter for her 5th birthday.
She loves the Disney movie “The Lion King” and wanted a jungle/ safari themed party.

I had never painted anything other than the walls inside my house so this was a huge challenge sending me waaaay outside of my comfort zone. I was pleased with the results considering I have had no lessons or instruction. I just let it develop on its own.

She was more than happy with it. So was I. Even hubby was so in awe he was proudly showing pics to his work mates :)

Also I hand painted cookies as gifts for the guests. Each one had a different scene.

I see a future painting cakes… LOve it. x

-- Joanna, Herefordshire

Beautiful cake!

-- Analaria1

Thank you. I think this was my most stressful cake to date.


-- art deco cakes by gali