Elegant Ballerina

Elegant Ballerina

I adore this cake!!!!
I love the model but have to give all credit to Calos Lischetti and his fabulous book ‘animation in sugar’
It was so easy to follow and I hope I have done his book justice!!
I wanted the rest of the cake to have wrapped ribbon around one tier to replicate a ballet shoe and the other tier to replicate a tu tu x i hope you like it xx

hayley, http://www.hayleyelizabethcakedesign.com


You did a great job! I recognized the ballerina right away. Love the cake!

Gorgeous, and very clever how you used the design of the cake to replicate the ballet slipper.

Emma, www.facebook.com/TheYummyMummyCakeCompany and www.facebook.com/amae.tcb

Beautiful Cake – I love it!

Bev, NZ

What an exquisite design! I love everthing about it

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes