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Tiffany Gift box Cake

Tiffanys stacked gift box wedding cake from this weekend and i absolutely loved making it.

I find square cakes very trying and this did take a lot of patience to get just right as the simple design meant there was absolutely nowhere to hide with imperfections. Scared stiff about making it but actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Bottom tiers are both vanilla bean cake with strawberry preserve and madagascan vanilla buttercream filling coated in a white chocolate ganache and fondant.

Top tier is a rich chocolate mud cake filled to the brim with chocolate buttercream coated in a dark chocolate ganache and fondant.

Thank you for looking xxxx

Perfect cake!

-- Analaria1

it is perfection!!! so blown away with it!!

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How on earth did you make it so PERFECT? Unbelievable really!

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that is so tight and clean! great job.


beautifully done

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments xxx

Absolutely the best Tiffany box cake I have ever seen.

-- Bliss Pastry, Deland, Florida