Saggy.......:) Saggy.......:)

I laughed SO much while making this cake!! Several months before my best friend’s 60th birthday, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make him. His reply was a “boob cake”, and this is what he got!! You know the old saying, “be careful what you wish for!” He loved it!!!

Christy, Virginia,


Absolutely hilarious. I’m dying over here. hahaha

Tiff - MA

Excellent but oh so wrong at the same time – I love it!

Carol, Maidenhead UK,

that is AWESOME….i wasn’t sure what i’d be looking at when i clicked on the “saggy” link, lol…

Oh my gosh, you got me in tears over here! That is too funny!!

Nikki, So Cal,

thats brilliant….. ha ha ha x

Thanks from Lorna @ Sweet Occasions

LOL that is hilarious!!!!! I Can imagine the look on his face!! Haha!