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Henna/Mehndi Design Wedding Cake

This cake was a true challenge – all swiss meringue buttercream with a mehndi stencil. I froze each tier for about 10 minutes for each side of the cake prior to stacking them. They were heavy cakes so it was a work out – 12", 10", 8". I mixed piping gel and gold luster dust to achieve the gold. The pictures don’t do the cake justice how gold the stencil turned out – it was gorgeous. I was so nervous delivering this because it was 85 degrees outside and I was sure it would melt or the stencil would slide off – but it was a miracle that it all stayed in tact for the duration of the Indian wedding extravaganza.

-- Maria @ http://www.facebook.com/rooneygirlbakeshop or http://www.rooneygirlbakeshop.com


-- Analaria1

this is gorgeous. I love the sharp lines and the stencil

OMG, thanks everyone! I so happy you to receive all your lovely comments!

-- Maria @ http://www.facebook.com/rooneygirlbakeshop or http://www.rooneygirlbakeshop.com

Wow! Great Cake!

Really love your cake. I adore Indian patterns, and you have done a gorgeous job.

-- Terry, South Africa, https://www.facebook.com/cakesandcookiescupcakewrappers

So glad it worked out, the cake is truly amazing. x

-- Cakes for all occasions