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KFC Cake

I made this for my brothers birthday, he’s a fan of KFC and you can see!
Hope you all like it!!

-- Laura Loukaides -

Love it, great job! :)

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

Thank you!! x

-- Laura Loukaides -

Fantastic cake !

What a great cake!!! Looks like the real thing. Good work, girl!

Thank you so so much!! x

-- Laura Loukaides -

Thank you!!

-- Laura Loukaides -

Wow, great job!

Thank you Goreti!!

-- Laura Loukaides -

haha! this is brilliant!! My husband would love this cake as he is a fried chicken lover :)

-- Jessica

Very beautifully done, my daughter thought it was the real thing.

-- Sweet Genie

Out of this world amazing! Great job.