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Ryleigh's High Heel Cake

This is another older cake. I made this about 4 months into baking. Hehehe at that wonky shoe! I hadn’t really learned to make bows yet, because Lesley (Royal Bakery) hadn’t come along and rocked our worlds with her amazing tutorial yet! All crusting buttercream icing with fondant accents and gum paste “shoe.”


high heel shoe gloves pink girls cake


Michal Bulla

Great looking cake Peggy ;)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

ONLY 4 MONTHS! What natural talent you have! It’s beautiful!

Lesley Wright


This is an amazing cake for four months of experience. Yes, lol at the wonky heel, but envy thing else is lovely. Hand piping on the ribbon? OMG!

Tea Party Cakes

It’s so fun seeing the early days cakes! Great job on this one! :)


Wow, I think 4 months into my decorating career I was still making ‘Cake-Wrecks’ fodder!! I really like the pair of gloves on the top though- haven’t seen that one before!!

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Ryleigh's High Heel Cake