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My 50th Birthday Cake

This is the 2ft long cake I made for my 50th birthday, I love Art deco so was inspired to make this cake from a picture on a card my husband bought me. The cake was half vanilla victoria sponge the other half was Chocolate cake. My other passion in life is ballroom & sequence dancing so I themed my party round that, The invites said “Strictly Come Party” 120 guests dressed in evening wear had a brilliant time dancing the night away. The evening was made extra special for me because two surprise visitors walked through the doors, My brother & his wife all the way from Ontario Canada, I was Gob Smacked to say the least!

-- @Anita's Cakes

Firstly…..Congratulations!!!! Well done on the cake….its gorgeous and fits the theme perfectly!!

Beautiful cake—It looks like you had a great birthday!

Always loved this cake, such a brilliant design & also OMG you do NOT look 50!

-- ClairellaCakes Essex UK

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and compliments @ClairellaCakes Essex Uk if you would like to see me dancing at my party then here is a link and then a fun party dance followed!

-- @Anita's Cakes