Princess and her Dad

Princess and her Dad

I wasn’t sure if I should have put this cake on Cakes Decor with my other cakes, but after thinking about it overnight I decided it was as good as mine and certainly made with as much love and pride as anything I have ever made.
I gave my little princess this bare cake and the edible markers to decorate it with, the markers had rather sharp horrible ends and kept digging into the icing, so I diluted the food colours gave her a paint brush and told her to go for it.
She was so proud of her cake and so was her dad <3



Your little Princess has done a wonderful job! xxx gorgeous! Dad will love it xx

Robin my son insists on making sugarcraft ninjas for me for my birthday…so great effort by Shelby!! :)

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Thank you Lisa, He did love it too. I could have spent weeks making decorations for a cake for him, but nothing I could have made him would have been more special than this one.
HAHAHA Mel that cracked me up. Ninjas for mummy lol . cant wait to see them. Bless him that’s so cute


Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! Love it!!! :D


I love this! Its made with love and that is the best! A peice of modern art!

Christine from

Very cool Jo or very BRIGHT LOL. :)
Christine I’m sure its going to be a cake design repeated a few more times now. Im certain she is going to want a hand in all the family’s cakes from now on :)


Made with love, and looks like she had lots of fun :)

Helenna at

Oh she did Helenna and I stressed worrying about the food colouring going every where :)


Aw.. So special and made with love! It’s beautiful! :)

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oh heck!! I am so excited to see this in top 3!!! way hey!!!

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So Sweet & Special!!!! She did a lovely job!!! Congratulations!!! xxx

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It’s mordern Art on a platter with loads of LOVE, sprinkles of colour and one of the best cake you could ever dream of and one to treasure for a very long time :-)

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