Burung Cenderawasih

Burung Cenderawasih

A Batik Indonesia inspired cake specially requested by my friend for her mother’s 60th birthday, they are Indonesian. Burung Cenderawasih also known as the Bird of Paradise is her favourite bird which was commonly found in her village where she use to live in :)



Stunning as usual. You must have the patience of a saint to do all the piping you do on your cake and it is a real talent.,

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Wow! This is truly a work of art!

Oh my goodness!! I think I might faint!! Joy this is too wonderful for words!! what a very special cake lady you are xx

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This is not just a cake, it is art! You are so talented!

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I am trying to find words…. It stunning, It is art not cake.. I just love it , the detail, the colour….

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Joyce! I know i said this on your page! But I love it! and I love the sentiment behind it. So beautiful!


Joylicious is superbilicious!!! You never cease to astound and amaze me with your range of versatile skills. Never mind you coming through my front door as you said earlier… I would love to come into your studio heaven and watch the artist at work… Your amazing!!,

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Oh my!! Wow!! Thank you all so much for all your lovely comments!! Have been on the road the whole morning and sitting in a park with my eldest daughter and her friends whom is still on school holidays so was only able to read this now !! I’m so happy you all like this cake and indeed a wonderful inspiration behind the story of this very special cake!

CuriAussietycakes- Trust me, I may have the patient for cakes but sometimes run out of patient for kids…lol!!

Thank you very much for your kind words Fifi!! i am just an ordinary mum like many others out there who loves arts, guess every cakers are special in their own way, you are special too also a very special one :)

Oh Lisa sweetheart! Your comments is so pleasurable to read each time! Thank you so much!!

Bless you Calli!! I’m so looking forward for this day to be standing right at your door and squeeze out all your talents that you have…lol!! Speaking about Amazing, your outstanding creations make me speechless each time I sees it!! You’re not only super talented but also the kindest soul you have!!


WOWOWOWOWIE!!! The Piping must have taken FOREVER! BRILLIANT!

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Wow! What a unique design xx

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