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Super Mario Tower!

This year I asked my daughter what she wanted to see on her cake this year and she said – “princess peach, Mario, luigi, blue Yoshi, toad, bee-bop-po-doodles (that’s what she calls those flower things) goombas, bowser, the girl koopa, the castle, and the underwater world with the fish!” Is that all? LOL!!!

I had seen a cake that had this kind of payout and I just loved it – no idea who had made it and when I went back to google to look for it? I can’t find it anywhere? There are elements of both cakes that are similar, but I have changed a lot of them as well to suit our cake needs ;) The other cake had one feature I loved though – the bottom lava looked like it was made out of sugar and there was a smoke machine hooked up to it, so there was smoke coming out of the bottom of their cake! That was very cool – but I just don’t know how to do all that yet ;)

My daughter (and all her friends/parents) loved this cake and I was really proud of how it all came together!! So much detail in this cake, it was hard to get one really good picture – so I had to take LOTS of photos!! LOL!! TFL!