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Claire de Lune & Starry Night mash up

This cake was for my twin brother-in-laws whose birthday fell on a night when we all went to enjoy a piano concert featuring Claude Debussy. Taking my inspiration from Debussy’s famous Claire de Lune piece led me to think of Van Gogh’s A Starry Night. I am no Van Gogh however I hand painted the “Starry Night” and created a ribbon of piano keys to finish the bottom. The flavors inside we’re a unique twist on a family favorite: guava cake and goat cream cheese frosting.

-- Cristi, Miami, FL,

well done!!! x

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Love the overall “look” of your cake and with the 50-bakers Starry Night the other day, I am enjoying yours as well… By the way, your cake sounds so delicious… Love guava! If you feel like sharing your recipe, you can inbox me!!! Thx

-- Dina @ miettes,

Not only a great looking cake but sounds delicious too