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Lalaloopsy Easter Cake

I have been dying to make a Lalaloopsy cake for a while now. So, for my daughter’s birthday celebration which was Easter Sunday, I made this Lalaloopsy Easter Cake. The topiary was made from a styrofoam ball covered in cling wrap then “painted” with candy melt.I also used candy melt as glue for all the fondant flowers and candies.

For Lalaloopsy’s dress, I discovered a new “art”. I used gelatin sheets to achieve the sheer look. Tutorial on which I found here

It was so rushed, I wasn’t able to take proper pictures.
Hope you like this! My little princess surely did! ♥ :)

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Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. :)

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Very nice, Donna! I bet Alex leaped with excitement when she saw this! :)

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Aww, thanks Sarah! Yes she loved the cake, almost took Lalaloopsy off before we could bring it down for the party!

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What an awesome looking cake! So girly and lovely!!!! So fresh !!!
Thanks for the link!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Gorgeous!!! Beautifully done!!! You did a lovely job!!! xxx

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