One Last Cake for my Dad

One Last Cake for my Dad
One Last Cake for my Dad
One Last Cake for my Dad
One Last Cake for my Dad
One Last Cake for my Dad

I had planned to make this cake for my Dad’s 84th birthday. Unfortunately he passed away a few days before. When I showed my sister-in-law a photo of the cake she convinced me to go ahead and make it as it was totally appropriate for his wake. I believe it was fate that I choose this cake. First I want to thank Toni (whitecrafty) for the wonderful design. Originally it was to have one dove at the top to represent my Mom that passed away almost 13 years ago. Now it has 2 doves, my Mom leading my Dad up to heaven. My brother that passed away last year is represented my the dove sitting in the tree. On the branches are my Dad’s 5 children, 7 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. My 3 years old granddaughter always “helps” me make cakes. I give her some fondant and cutters and let her play. While I was working on the cake she came to me and handed me a lovely blue heart. She said “Nana I made this heart for Opa’s cake”. So in the last photo you will see Tillie’s heart to Opa. (Opa is german for grandfather) This was a labor of love and there are definitely a few tears on this cake. Thank you for letting me pour my heart out.


Cake is so much more than sugar and this is lovely proof of that. Your words touched me this morning!

Thank you Peggy. Yes cake is definitely a way to express our love.

What a beautiful cake, and a heart warming story. I found it very moving. I never got to make a cake for my Oma or Opa, they passed when I was young. What an awesome way to remeber someone. Very lovely.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

What a lovely tribute to those that have passed away. I’ve lost both my parents and your story moved me to tears. My condolences.

Thank you MsGF. Thank you Goreti. It has been a difficult few days. I know my Dad would want me to go on and be happy but I’m not quite there yet.

Oh Ellie, what an absolutely beautiful cake, and amazing tribute to your father! I know how difficult your loss must be, as I lost my mother and husband. My heart is breaking for your loss, and so close to your father’s birthday. I’m so glad that I was able to give you inspiration for your amazing cake! Love the little heart Tillie made for her Opa!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you so much Toni. I believe it was fate that I found your cake that was such a beautiful birthday cake for your Father and beautiful tribute to your Mother and Husband. I thought it was going to be my Father’s birthday cake too but alas it became a tribute to my Mom, brother AND Dad. It amazes me how perfect it was for both of us. My Dad’s greatest joy was his family especially his grandchildren and great grandchildren. That’s why I picked your cake as my inspiration. Thank you again and I hope you have found peace with the loss of your Mother and Husband. Oh and I have to add, my little granddaughter Tillie had me crying today. She likes to sit on my lap and look at pictures of cakes with me. So she was on my lap as I was posting this cake this morning. She said “Nana that’s Opa’s cake. We need to put wings on it and take it up to heaven so Opa can have his cake now that he’s an angel”.

Your little Tillie sounds like such a joy! I hope she can bring you great comfort in this sad time, as my grandchildren do for me!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Yes Toni she is! Yesterday at the church as I was crying she patted my cheek and said " It’s OK Nana, Opa’s an angel now and I’ll be your friend". Out of the mouths of babes!

Thanks for sharing your story, I’m sorry for you loss, it is a beautiful tribute for your father!

so much love, so sad, so beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for your loss and this cake is a wonderful tribute to his memory

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Que Bella historia.. y todo eso detras de un Cake, Gracias por compartir con nosotros.. What a beautiful story .. and all of that behind a Cake, , Thanks for share with us!

Lilia, Greece, Thessaloniki, e mail:

What a beautiful cake. It is my mother’s birthday tomorrow, but like your father my mum passed away on Tuesday this week. It would have been her 81st birthday. We are having her funeral next week and so maybe I will make one last cake for her also. She is known as Oma to her Grandchildren, all 13 of them. I feel like this is an omen or something. Please except my sincere condolences xx.

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,

Please accept my condolences Ellie and Lisa. I couldn’t help crying when I read about your tribute to your dear father Ellie.

I also lost my father recently just before his birthday and the hurt is still fresh in my mind. For some strange reason he had told be just a couple of days before that he didn’t want me to make a cake for him this year, I don’t know whether he knew he wouldn’t there or he didn’t want to trouble me because he knew I usually do my cakes after the kids have gone to bed till late night. I never did end up doing a cake for him.

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful heartfelt cake of love.

Sasi, Sydney Australia,,

Thank you so much milene! Thank you trudy! Thank you also Calliicious and Lilia! Thank you everyone for all your love and support. It means so much to me and has definitely warmed my heart and put a smile on my face as a tear runs down my face.

Oh Lisa I’m so sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. My father’s birthday would have been tomorrow also. Maybe it is an omen just as I believe it was fate that I picked out this cake for my father’s birthday. I loved every moment making this cake and I felt my father near me the whole time. If you decide to make one last cake for your mother I hope it gives you the same peace it gave me. My sincere condolences.

Sasi please expect my condolences also for the loss of your father. I think they do know when their time is near. I hope you can feel the love and support that is coming your way from our cake family here on CakesDecor I know I do.

So nice of you to your father. Such a tribute and dedication. Very nice family tree cake. May your fathers soul rest in peace.