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Grey Simplicity

a practicing cake for my bridal display. all decoration fondant. photo credits to Miranda Vijfvinkel, a dutch photo artist who was so kind to also do “this” ;-)

-- http://www.facebook.com/oliviasbakery.GF

This is very well executed you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!! IM LOVING IT!!! Did you purchase the craftsy video by Jessica Harris to achieve the look? If so I’m sold!!!!

-- www.facebook.com/baked413

Olivia, what a lovely cake… Looks exactly like Jessica Harris’ pink one (her first). I did purchase her video but have not even had the chance to watch yet! Was it easy?

-- Dina @ miettes, http://www.facebook.com/pages/miettes/257790597632317

Good morning everybody!
thanks for all your noce words!!!

yes, I purchased Jessica’s Craftsy video! absolutely fantastic class! worth every cent.
it’s my very first approach to that paper transfer technique. so for a first try I always decide to copy and use left over colored fondant :-) and if it works out in a way I like it than I start making my own ideas ;-)

happy baking everybody! Olivia.

-- http://www.facebook.com/oliviasbakery.GF