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Deer Stamp Cake with modelling Chocolate Doe

Made for a Deer farmer who gets stamps made with their deer on them, the doe is made from Modelling Chocolate the painted & dusted, the stamp is heavily inspired by Royal Bakery’s aeroplane stamp but made to match the NZ post stamp as shown(Cloud made using tutorial bought from Royal Bakery), a huge thanks to Sarah from “The Cake Tin” who lent me her cutter to make the grass , great to have such an awesome cake buddy in the same town <3

Cake Flavour: Devils food Chocolate with Dark chocolate ganache

-- Jo, NZ,

This is such a wonderful cake Jo. So pleased I had the priviledge to see it in person because it looked awesome. Love everything about it and only too happy to lend you the cutter xx

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Nice one Jo

-- Kazmick UK

Awesome how did you get the deer so perfect?
& what is the grass cutter & what did you use to make edges of stamp?

Thank Kiwicakebloke for the deer I made a mould using Silicone Plastique unfortunately moulds this deep don’t work that well with modelling chocolate so then I used what looks like a paintbrush but has rubber end to make indents deeper & smooth out also had to remove antlers as deer I used was a stag so had to remodel head a little, used flesh toned Chocolate earth modelling chocolate with a little dark brown added to it then brushed it with flesh coloured petal dust, black around the mouth & used white americolour gel to paint in ears under eyes & under tail, superblack mixed with Tequila(didn’t have vodka) to paint hooves
Grass cutter is a Fmm strip cutter from Kiwicakes and the edges of the stamp are using this set
Hope this helps :-)

-- Jo, NZ,

Cant stop looking at this cake…it’s so clever. I love it!!! X Lucy from Bedlington Bakery xxx

-- Lucy at Bedlington Bakery, Bedlington, Northumberland,

cool thanks can you buy the Silicone stuff in NZ? & is it easy to use?

What an amazing cake and what an amazing talent!!!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Thanks Dina :-) and Kiwcakebloke if you go to & go tto the Nz suppliers you’ll find a link to buy Silicone Plastique on trademe, to watch videos on how to use it go over to

-- Jo, NZ,

WOW Jo!!! that deer is so beautiful. love the elegance in teh long neck. they are such beautiful creatures ans you have captured that here… stunning cake you talented lady. so much thought has gone into this and the love shows :) xx

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thanks Calli, you are so sweet <3

-- Jo, NZ,

What a perfect design. Not only is the deer so adorable, but you have made an amazing landscape. Love the way the background mountains are a softer color that makes them look so far away The little tree, fence, and grass are all the perfect touch!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

What a wonderful cake! So much thought goes into every single one of your cakes. They are all so different but always beautiful!