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Japanese Geisha Cake

I made this cake for my Japanese friend’s birthday. This coincided with our book club meeting and we’d been reading “Memoirs of a Geisha” so I decided to design my cake accordingly. I used the tutorial I was lucky enough to win from CakesAndCookies Cupcake Wrappers to make the pictures within the cake.

As soon as I seen your page name I knew who you were – this cake popped right into my head as I love it so much. I actually think this cake could get onto the front page if the first photo was only of your cake and not a collage. Maybe you should resubmit it? Just a thought. Jen :)


Oh and I think the Japanese lady should be your profile pic on here, its so recognisable….ok i’ll shut up now lol :) x


Thank you all.

Jen – thank you so much for your constructive comments. I might well resubmit as you suggest – I’m still working things out on this website so value any help I can get.

No worries, dont want you thinking I’m being a know all. I’m actually thinking of resubmitting a couple of mine which got totally ignored last year. Let me know if you resubmit yours and i’ll do a shout out on the page as I really do love this :) x


Wow! Thank you Jen. That would be amazing. can I ask you if I resubmit it, is there a way to delete this one? I’m probably being a bit slow but can’t see any way to delete images. I really do appreciate all your advice. It means a lot that you like this cake so much x