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For my daugther 13th birthday

I didn’t had the time that i wanted to make this cake!
Two aunts died in one week,our little dog was sick after a operation and my sweet Senna’s birthday :-(
She wanted a high heel and i never made one,i did this one in 3 hours because i ran out off time and i know the shoe need time to dry!
So i made the cake in the time between al kind of things but, Senna liked her cake very much and that’s the most important thing!

-- greetings Daantje http://www.facebook.com/Daantjestaarten www.daantjestaarten.nl

Oh my goodness Daantje, this cake is absolutely STUNNING! I only wish I could make a cake this gorgeous on a limited amount of time!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

What’s not to like? It is gorgeous! I’m sure your daughter appreciated it especially after everything that was happening.

Thank you Goreti!
She was very happy with her cake :-)

-- greetings Daantje http://www.facebook.com/Daantjestaarten www.daantjestaarten.nl

Daantje…my condolences. Hope the dog is better!!
Now, the cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an amazing job!! Why aren´t you happy with it??? Of course Senna Love it, It´s Gorgeous!!! We are so hard with ourselves!!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CUPCAKES-DREAMS/115882865103239?ref=hl

Thank you Ana for The sweet words!
I do like the cake but for the first tier i had somerhing else in mind! :)
And you are totally right we are sometimes too hard for ourselves

-- greetings Daantje http://www.facebook.com/Daantjestaarten www.daantjestaarten.nl

even through all of it, you pulled off a gorgeous cake. It’s beautiful!

-- Angela, https://www.facebook.com/SugarSweetCakesandTreats

Beautiful I bet your daughter loved it

-- Jo, NZ, https://www.facebook.com/CiccioCakes

Daan gosh what a hassle all, but your cake is really great again and then that shoe, I understand that your daughter um was super and I hope everything is well with the dog.
sweet greetings

Daantje, your daughter’s cake is just perfect! I am sure she loved it!
Sorry to hear about your loss and your sick dog!

-- Dina @ miettes, http://www.facebook.com/pages/miettes/257790597632317

Thank you Naomi !
Thank you so much Carla and Dina for The sweet words xx

-- greetings Daantje http://www.facebook.com/Daantjestaarten www.daantjestaarten.nl