Jungle Cake

I couldn’t wait to make a Jungle cake and I finally got to make one. Yay!!. This was just a little 7 inch cake but I sure did have fun making all the little animals. I did have one mishap, the morning after I made the giraffe my daughter came in and said mum I like how you made the giraffe with it’s head down eating the leaves. WHAT!!!! it was standing up last night lol. Its neck broke and I had to make it again haha oh well you live and learn.

I hope you love it as much as I do. My kids didn’t want to part with this one they just kept coming back to have another look at all the little animals. xx

-- Tina, Australia, http://www.facebook.com/SweetTandCake

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Michal Bulla

Beautiful toppers…beautiful cake ;)

The Cake Tin

Love this!


I love it x


Thank you Michal, Sarah and Marja :-) xx

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Super ADORABLE!!! Lovely figures!!! xxx

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a cute cake! I love your little animals!


thanks Toni they were very fun to make x


What an adorable cake!



Peggy Does Cake

So cute!!!


So adorable! Would you mind telling me how you made the tree and how you were able to make it stand on top of the cake?

Tea Party Cakes

Beautiful! The figures are too adorable!

Amelia's Cakes

Super cute!


Thanks everyone :-)

Clary I rolled out some brown fondant that i added cmc or gumtrag or tylose to, Its called different things in different countries :-). I rolled it out to be about 50mm thick so I could insert a wooden skewer up the middle of the fondant, the thinkness of it i mean. .I just dip the skewer in a bit of water so it sticks. then I just free hand cut a tree making sure the skewer was positioned in the center of the trunk of the tree and poking out so when everything dries hard i could stand it up and stick it into the cake. I always take the trees out and just put them on when i get to the venue but they are removed easily and once they are dry are very sturdy. I then made some green gumpaste and rolled it very thinly and free hand cut the cloud looking shapes to be the foliage. Once these were dry I stuck them to the branches of the tree with roayl icing. The little monkey was made on a toothpick and i just stuck the toothpic into one of the branches of the tree and it stayed in place without any trouble. I always make two of anything like this incase of breakages etc but so far i havent used the second one but no doubt when i dont make it ill need it lol. If you are not conmfortable free hand cutting things with an exacto blade just print out a template of a tree cut it out, lay it over your fondant and cut around it :-). same with the foliage. xx Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for explaining to me! I really appreciate it!

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Jungle Cake