Minecraft cake

Made this cake for my son’s 12th birthday. The figure is called “Creeper” and he was a last minute addition. I don’t even want to know how many 1/2" squares are on there…I think I began seeing everything in mosaic after a while, lol. It’s strawberry cake with vanilla filling, then covered with milk chocolate ganache as well as vanilla and chocolate marshmallow fondant.

-- Terri's Cake Life of Chaos

birthday brown green cake chocolate vanilla strawberry



Terri, very nice cake… Are you patient? This needs patience ;-)



Terri Coleman

Thank you!
Hahaha @miettes! I used think I was VERY patient (and others say that I still am) but pretty sure I lost it all 12 years ago when my son was born. ;-D. It was a bit of a struggle for me to get the random pattern…I kept having to tell myself to “let go” and just grab one and stick it!

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Minecraft cake