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Mike the Knight Cake

A new show on Cbeebies….for once Im actually quite happy with this cake…sure there are things I would change (i do that with every cake!) But im so chuffed how Mike came out :)



-- Joanne, Edible Artisits Network

So cute!

-- Creative Cakes by Sonya at

Totally love this. No idea who Mike the Knight is but I bet you nailed him! Your castle is gorgeous.

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cute! :)

-- customcakecompany

Wow, you can do NO wrong when it comes to cakes, can you? Another FABULOUSLY perfect cake!!


The cake is so neat! my daughter loves this show!

-- zahra,, TX

Thank-you so much everyone!

Dusty….ha ha yeah I get it wrong alot, theres always at least 5 things I would change about each cake LOL

I love mike the knight too….the theme tune gets e everytine :) x


That is ACE !!

-- DabHandCakes, Lancaster, UK - Facebook page=Dab Hand Cakes

my son went mad when he saw this :O) fantastic x